The Lost Mocha Map

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This is a customized map showing recent Sightings of lost Mocha, mouse over locations for more details.

If you click over to Google you can play with the map and look at different layers to see: Search Areas, Poster Locations, Friendly Houses / Helpers, Points of Interest, Classified Ad Coverage and more.

For searchers or potential tracker dogs, also try changing the “base map” which gives you satellite and topographic options.


Ever Hopeful

Dogs sometimes disappear for long whiles. Like months or years. Today marks the fifth month that Mocha has been gone. May 4. I still get some calls and I still cruise the area where she was last seen. While I’ve given up active searching, I’ve not given up hope.

I hope that Mocha is happy where ever she may be. I first had her as a foster, and worked to find an adoptive home for her – so if she’s found one, good. If she is loving her woods-lifestyle, then good. And if she’s ready to come back and hang out here, her dog bed is waiting.

If you’re a Lost Mocha watcher, thank you. I’m still here. I’m still looking and I appreciate all of your kind words and thoughts!

Misplaced Mocha Still Missing

It’s been a long time for an update. Practically speaking: Mocha is still on the run. There have been a few potential sightings, but none with photographs. Some seem potentially related to other lost dogs. So, it’s very hard to say where Lost Mocha dog might be roaming.

**How to help: Please continue to keep an eye out if you live in areas where she’s been sighted – primarily north of Freedom Blvd from Valencia Road to Corralitos Road and north (Eureka Canyon). Due to the size and terrain, active searching is not feasible or recommended. We’ll post if we need specific help and when things change!**

If you’re just joining the saga, thanks to our newspaper ads or signage or various other activities: We have done ALL the usual things (and then some) in an effort to keep awareness up about Lost Mocha. You can read the list here. We continue to run classifieds, craigslist ads, social media pages, and yes, Mocha is microchipped. She is apparently living outside. Sightings have been over a broad area, and Mocha does not want to come to humans.

Without much concrete evidence or sightings to go on, I have consulted again with a few animal communicators aka animal psychics. Yes, multiple psychics. (Even my pseudo-spiritual activities need a statistical, comparative approach.) These intuitive professionals agree that Lost Mocha dog is alive and well. They also say that she does not want to be seen or found by humans, at least not now. She is apparently happy and “making it work” in the wild. For now. There was more. We’ll see.  I’ll take it.

That’s the Mocha story.

Something bigger happened in my life, which is why I haven’t updated the blog or communicated as much.  I lost someone I love about a month ago. He died very suddenly and unexpectedly. Grief, in all of its forms, rolled in harder then I even would have imagined. It’s been a stormy, ocean tide… uncontrollable, messy, unpredictable. The experience has been devastating and life-changing.

My context shifted in an instant. Suddenly Mocha seems merely misplaced – she is not gone completely (it would seem.) The sadness I’ve shared over “losing” Mocha, chronicled in this blog, was very, very different compared to the heartbreak of losing a love forever.

Certainly I’ve recently experienced a much more wrenching, deeper grief, but these losses also “felt” different, in a way that I can’t accurately describe with words. Animals and humans touch our hearts so individually and uniquely. When we lose them, the emotions and feelings are also unique, reflective of each being and relationship — and of course, the scale and status of the “loss.”

If the psychics are right, Lost Mocha is not “lost” at all. She left of her own volition, adventuring into the night through a not-quite-latched door. She’s trying something new. I’m heartened by the thought of Mocha embracing her inner wild dog and canine free will (hey, it’s California). I visualize her hanging with her bad-boy coyote boyfriend, eating pinot grapes from the vine and bossing the dumb deer around…and hopefully, maybe, someday soon, inspired to come back to her old pal, who could use a few dog-kisses right now.

“Not all those who wander are lost.” J. R. R. Tolkien



Mocha Sighting – Baker Road

We just had a sighting of a dog that looked like Mocha, with no collar on, on Baker. After the initial cluster of houses, a few minutes down Baker (before big open area) a very nice caller saw a Mocha-like dog run into the brush down the left side of the road.

**Please keep an eye around Baker, Valencia and surrounding areas — and please spread the word to friends and neighbors!**

We’ve had sightings, and the intuitives (psychics) that we spoke with feel that she is very much alive and out there on her adventure. Thank you for staying with as we continue the search!

More inspiration from Idaho: After spending 9 months alone in mountains, lost dog is home

Thank you again for all support!



Celebrating Her Independence… BBQ and watch for Mocha?

It’s been a quiet week. We had a few tips but nothing panned out.

Our gut feel is that Mocha is still in the Pleasant Valley area, possibly more around Hauer Apple Way. We’ve found there to be significantly less people out and about — which makes sightings hard (and makes running about, without humans trying to catch you, very easy). We never turned up any other information about the collar. We reached out to the neighbors, who kindly called us back to say they hadn’t seen anything. More on the sightings in a minute, but here’s my next request. We need sightings. We can’t trap or attempt to corral Mocha without more clues on where she is.

*How you can help: It would be ideal to find more homes along Pleasant Valley and Hauer Apple Way to leave out food & water — and keep an eye out. We need Mocha to start going to a house consistently. She had a few such houses, but seems to have switched locations.

We also wonder if the summer BBQ smells will draw her curiosity, or fireworks will send her seeking shelter. Please be aware that she’s still out there!*

We have determined that it was another dog(s) visiting the Amesti house. A giant THANK YOU to the family there who worked valiantly to track and identify the non-Mocha dog…who turned out to be a male.

One neighbor reported a “maybe/maybe not” sighting in a drainage ditch along Pleasant Valley. Once you tune into those ditches, you realize what an amazing travel network they could be for a dog…they range from about two to three feet deep, sometimes made out of cement, some more of just a trench. They run along many roads in that areas, under intersections with dog-sized tunnels going under the road. They often have water in them. I was unsuccessful in my detective-like attempt to find dog footprints, and learned it’s an easier job with one driver and one spotter. 😉

Another caller felt quite certain that Mocha had wandered into a Crossfit class in Watsonville, near the airport. Steve went over there, asked around and hung posters, it’s an industrial area. It’s pretty far afield from where we think she’s been, and there is lots of traffic, an airport to go around…but the caller had a very credible description (I’m not just saying that because she’s from New Hampshire, like me). Going into noisy class seems unusual for skittish Mocha, though we all agree it was probably quite pungent in there…. But Mocha seems to have changed a lot. She might be wanted to add some functional weight-lifting to her current all-cardio routine. (Someone suggested that we check local orthopedist and physical therapy offices in case Mocha went too hard on her first class and strained a joint.)

The Crossfit area is also literally a stone’s throw from the Watsonville shelter. I was very much hoping Mocha might present herself on their doorstep and ask for some food and a place to hang out while they call me to come pick her up. No such luck.

I’m up and down. Sometimes pretty down. It’s hard to drive around the area, seeing nothing, constantly asking every person you see, absorbing the negative comments about coyotes or dismissive “haven’t seen her.” It’s hard to post without much news. It’s hard to sit here by Mocha’s empty bed, and hold her collar in my hand. It’s hard not to follow the daily dog routine. It’s hard to feel like you can put in so much effort to find something, and still come up short. Hindsight is 20/20 and it’s hard not second guess ourselves. Some days, I’m very sad.

But I do the best I can every day, attempting to balance life, work and still do everything I can to bring my sweet lost Mocha home.

Lost Mocha’s Collar found

Work crews found Mocha’s collar on Pleasant Valley on Friday afternoon, north of Del Valle. It was found on top of a fire hydrant, apparently placed there. We just learned this and got the collar back yesterday.. Mocha’s tag with name & phone number was still on it, but part of the plastic clasp was broken. The collar looks a bit more worn, but did not appear to have been sitting outside long (wasn’t stiff or anything), there was no blood, rips or signs of foul play.

It’s tempting to fill many theories, but bottom line facts:

  1. Mocha is not wearing a collar, making identification harder.
  2. Without a collar on, if sighted, Mocha will need to be trapped or gently, creatively apprehended.
  3. Mocha IS micro-chipped, so if she gets to a vet or animal services, she will be identified. (chip info is current.)

We’re hoping that people out on Pleasant Valley can help us learn a bit more about where the collar was found exactly and when. Being optimistic, it’s perhaps a clue that Mocha is still in the area, living on wine grapes, orchard apples and other foraged scraps.

Our cam and trapping adventures at the home off Amesti have been frustratingly unsuccessful. The appearances have been inconsistent and our trapping attempts have not be successful. (With the trap, the side yard or otherwise.) There’s a chance that another dog is involved, and it’s been hard to confirm or get positive pattern.  We haven’t given up on that — and continue to have deep gratitude for the family’s continued support in this mission! Above and beyond!

We are continuing to reach out to locals and organization, respond to tips, be strategic – and never, ever give up hope. Thank you for all of your support and staying connected to our saga!

More sightings off Amesti Road (+spreading the word at Corralitos Brewing!)

We had another late night security cam sighting off Amesti Road Wednesday night/Thurs early AM, so continuing to strategize how to turn this into a dog in hand. (A dog in hand is worth two on the cam?) The last few times I “staked out” the driveway she’s been visiting, there was no canine appearance. When no one is close, that’s when she makes her move. Argh. Smart dog.

How to help: Share and alert neighbors around Amesti Road to Eureka Canyon (along Corralitos Creek, where she may be traveling.)

In other awareness raising news: I also know how to properly pronounce the name of Amesti Road now, thanks to the kind folks hanging at Corralitos Brewing Co, a fantastic dog-friendly brewery on Freedom Blvd. Many locals visit there, and it’s in the zone where we’ve had some sightings.  Great beer, awesome dogs, kind people, super nice owners and now a Lost Mocha sign on the wall. And “crowlers” of their beer to go (great host gift alternative to wine, just sayin’.)

We may need to go there every night now to be sure all the locals know about Mocha, and you know, drink some beer to be supportive. My outlook and hopefulness notably improved after a couple of their Saisons and conversations on the sunny outdoor porch.

Wish us luck tonight!




Monday eve, Mocha still on the run – Eureka Canyon sighting

Mocha remains at large. We set the live trap multiple times at the house where she had been sighted on the security cam, but were unsuccessful in getting Mocha. The family strategized an awesome alternate side yard plan (nice work!) but then…no return to Amesti Road for the last two nights. Meanwhile, we had a potential Mocha sighting last night, Sunday 10:15pm, around Eureka Canyon and Rider Road…which is right up Corralitos Creek from the previous sighting location. They could both be Mocha, especially if she’s traveling the creek during these hot days.

When we got the call last night, we went up with some KFC (reportedly smelly food of choice, thank you for the tip!)….did some quiet staking out, some gentle looking around with flashlights. I could swear I saw a familiar tail disappearing into the woods at one spot, but no Mocha turned up.  Then the neighborhood dogs were on to us and it was getting rather late. And dark. So very dark without streetlights. Today I talked with people in that area, put up some more posters and asked locals to spread the word.

How to help: Please spread the word to people you know along Eureka Canyon, up Rider Road and around Corralitos Creek. Continue to keep a lookout if you’re anywhere in the area. Please stay hopeful with us!

I’ve also consulted a few Animal Communicators, including a lovely local (though east coast born!) — Jane of Talks with Pets (.com) Jane and another intuitive I consulted both picked up quickly that Mocha is an independent dog, almost uniquely so for a domestic pet.

Jane felt strongly that Mocha is having an adventure, and does not feel scared by her situation, which also explains why she’s been challenging to bring home. Jane also felt something about Eureka Canyon and redwoods early on, which is interesting, given recent sightings.

There was much (much) more too it than that. Somehow sharing all of it doesn’t feel entirely comfortable, but there are interesting little details that continue to reveal themselves to me, even after our session. It’s been a helpful source of insight, along with all of our other awareness efforts.

Some days it’s easier than others, but overall — I remain optimistic that all of these threads will come together and Mocha will be safely home soon!

TGIF with a POSITIVE MOCHA SIGHTINGS! Amesti Road… Cross everything!

Hello Lost Mochans (Lost of the Moho-cans?) Anyway. It’s been a  busy week. While I had a deep session with an amazing animal communicator (more on that coming) — there hadn’t been any sightings or any notable action. Until yesterday.

A couple called from the Amesti Road area and let us know that their motion-sensored security camera had been setoff by a dog a few nights in a row, then they left food out, dog came back…and now they had footage that looked a lot like Mocha — and would we be interested in seeing it?! There was Mocha on their security cam from Wednesday night, a bit dark and blurry. According to the cam, she’s been coming by at the wee hours – between 2 and 4am.

So Steve swung into action, with our game cams and trap — thank you PAM, this one is yours! We brought roast chicken, Mocha’s food, smelly cat food (trap lure) and a fresh bowl of water…and waited. We debated (hard) and decided not to stay and watch the trap all night for fear that either we wouldn’t be able to control our urge to jump out and tackle Mocha (GET IN THE CAR RIGHT NOW!), or our presence would be evident via smell and scare her off….also that Hannah wouldn’t get any quality work done Friday with an all-nighter.

That approach sorta worked. Mocha came back twice last night (Thursday)!!! She was curious about the trap, happy for the water and tidbits outside, but not ready to go in the trap just yet. The security camera is motion sensored AND texts the owner. So, the amazing trap host family let us know right away, at 3:45a, when Mocha wandered up their drive way. Then they monitored from inside the home. Mocha came back another time for a sniff and wandered off.

Patience. We’ve been advised that this is key at this point.  Casual, no sudden movements or big changes, keep the tasty morsels out, try to stay calm. Yesterday’s call was also continued validation that our efforts make some difference. This is in area where Catherine and I had put new signs up last Saturday, all the while saying “well, it’s kinda far away, but…” and the craigslist ad and website helped the family find us an identify Mocha. Points for perseverance!

How you can help: Keep an eye out in the Varni Road, Amesti Road, Corralitos Road & Freedom Road area (see map update). Alert any local business owners and workers you know in that area. Send good thoughts!

There’s not much else to “do” at this point, we’re keeping this new location quiet and calm, and will let people know if we need a group event or more help. Thank you, thank you for all of your offers! And please consider giving any available volunteer time to Peace of Mind Dog Rescue or another local animal shelter. These folks work tirelessly, and have been so kind, patient and helpful with us.

See how much your good thoughts and prayers are working? Mocha has no idea how much support she has to bring her home. Please keep up your positive thoughts for Mocha’s safe return, we feel so close!

Still at Large. Awareness is the Strategy: Perro Perdido!

Another weekend missing Mocha. She sure picked a lovely area to go missing in, though. It was a sunny, melancholy weekend of checking her route, updating posters and not getting phone calls. But some very nice people, scenary and interactions along the way! It would appear that NOT everybody knows about the missing Mocha dog, despite the incredible amount of people that do. We meet many people every day who are just learning the Saga of Lost Mocha.

We haven’t had enough recent sightings, which yes, is worrisome. But we’re not giving up. We’ll only get sightings if people know to look. Remember Shawnee! has become a bit of a mantra. On the run for 3 months, eventually found and trapped thanks to people reporting sightings! So hope is alive.

How to help: If you’re in the Day Valley, Aptos and Corralitos area, please keep looking for Lost Mocha. Please keep checking outbuildings. Please make sure your local businesses and neighbors know.

We’ve changed and expanded our poster radius. On Saturday, a small team of Mocha Ladies & I switched out rained-on posters with new blue laminated ones with a new headline “Still Missing.” (We might A/B test some other headlines. PR, sweetie.)

We’ve also  been talking with local businesses that might have outbuildings where Mocha could be staying, or possibly trapped. I made a sign with Spanish on one side: Perro Perdido! and a request to check “barns and work fields” in hopefully not-too-broken Spanish below. We’ve taken those around, and they can be helpful when we roll up to vineyards and agriculture fields with very sweet workers that want to help. Gracias!

And we continue all the rest, classifieds, game-cams, shelter-checking…we’ve operationalized it a little too well. I wish I didn’t have this routine down.

Personally? The poison oak is improving, about off the crazy-prednisone, though “trying not to itch” is a new fun way of life. Another workweek coming up.

Solo music show at Rosie’s Country Store next Saturday, June 17, 7:30. Also will be streamed on Facebook and will certainly feature a Lost Mocha story and segment with some key songs. Hopefully no crying. Music heals!

I continue to have so much gratitude at the depth of human kindness. I’ve met so many people, had so many nice conversations, learned things, heard stories…it’s an experience, with a running theme of kindness and support. Thank you.


Thursday – Potential Mocha Sighting last night! (& check buildings, she hates rain.)

I’m not saying that the timing proves that it was Mocha. But she was well-aware of what was happening. Last night around 7:30, Mocha mighta showed a sneak peek of her face on the ridge around Quail Run. She was either trying to watch the Warriors OR she was trying to make sure we didn’t. Just when we were settling in…Potential Mocha Sighting. But score one for the DVR, we hit pause and dashed out hoping that we could swoop her up in time for the fourth quarter. I swear, we still leave the house hopeful every time.

Thank you very much to the caller, who’s been hearing about this since the beginning. We have a few reasons to believe she’s in the greenbelt area, and that potential sighting last night makes sense with it’s timing and proximity to the greenbelt and Forest & Meadows. We gently went through the area, being quiet, observant, listening… It was foggy and almost eerily quiet except for the glow from living room televisions. We found some deer who weren’t talking (once the Bucks are out, they don’t care) and some mini-horses, who also weren’t Mocha, but proved an adorable respite.

Please keep watching out, Day Valley and Pleasant Valley. Mocha is out there. We are monitoring different paths that we believe she travels, and strategizing with growing set of traps and resources. Please check barns and outbuildings – see if you can trap her sleeping or hiding out from the rain. She’s not a fan. At all.

(That said, I wouldn’t mention the “doggie raincoat” incident if you see her. Once and only once, I promised. She looked like Christopher Robin from Winnie the Pooh, and it sorta kept her dry, but it was awkward to pee in and I couldn’t take the glare. I think I carried it home. I like to think of it as a $32 donation to our local pet store. And no, this had nothing to do with the escape 😉 Just saying, Mocha dislikes walks in the rain.)

We are sending out positive hopeful vibes and counting on your timely tips to help us find the wandering adventurer. The poison oak rash is slowly improving. Your good thoughts make a difference. Please help us bring Mocha home!